5 Ways that Buying Twitter Followers will Make Your Brand Better


Social Media has become the “go to” medium for expression and information gathering around the world. In many cases, big news stories and topics of interest are first seen by people on social media streams prior to going to the source and finding out more information. Simply said, social media can be the doorway to getting more exposure to your brand.

Each social media platform is common in that it allows people to easily spread and share opinion, stories and expression to a near limitless pool of people. Twitter is one of the best platforms for this kind of expression and exposure. In 140 characters or less you get access to a large number of interested, information seekers.

Become an Authority

1. As a leader or an authority you’re most likely to be listened to and taken seriously with more followers rather than less. It’s not possible to look like an authority with only 15 to 20 Twitter followers. Buying Twitter followers immediately increases your authority in the eyes of viewers. All you have to do is deliver the relevant and timely content.

Gain Momentum to Kick-start Organic Growth

2. One you have momentum it is easier to keep chugging along, even when you encounter some obstacles along the way. This is true in all things. By giving your Twitter account some momentum you’ll be able to sustain the kind of orgranic growth that you’re looking towards for a long time.

Even Out the Playing Field

3. You’re not always going to be the first guy or girl with a great business idea. You most likely are going to be entering the fray at a little bit of a disadvantage. By closing the gap between your authority level and your already established competitors you can start to dig into the market share and demographic that you’re aiming for.

Social Signals Equal Good Rankings

4. For a while now, Google and the other search engines have been using social signals such as followers, interactions, shares, and re-tweets as indicators of quality content and business models. The more involvement your Twitter account has then the better Google knows your content is. By having more Twitter followers you have that immediate interaction.

Targeted Followers Equal Better Conversion

5. When you buy Twitter followers from sites like ipmtech.com or www.buyrealmarketing.com you’ll have the ability to more accurately assess the target market that is most likely to need or want what you’re offering. That way you can start zeroing in on the messages and content that your high potential leads and prospects are most digging.

And that’s how it goes. Momentum, authority and engagement to interested leads and prospects are the key to using Twitter to better your business. When you buy Twitter followers you are giving yourself, your brand and your business a large advantage right from the start.

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